How to AirPlay from Mac

If the device was powered on, go ahead and turn the power off. Leave it unplugged for a couple of seconds and then plug it back in.

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After Apple TV boots back up, you will want to wait until it is connected to the network to try AirPlay. AirPlay works by connecting through the Wi-Fi network, so both devices need to be on the same network for it to work. You can check which network you are connected to on your iPad by opening the Settings app.

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You will see your Wi-Fi network's name next to the Wi-Fi option in the left-side menu. If this reads "off," you will need to turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the same network as the AirPlay device. Choose the "AirPlay" option in settings to verify the feature is ready to go.

How does AirPlay work?

If AirPlay is not showing up, make it visible in the Settings. It may happen that nothing works or AirPlay is not working properly.

Here are a few reasons for this: Streaming of the media content from one device to another makes it unnecessary to copy files on multiple devices and as a result, saves time and space. If you use AirPlay, let us know about your experience in the comments below. You are here: Home How to AirPlay on Mac Apple AirPlay has been developed to transmit audio, video, documents, photos and other files quickly and easily among Apple devices.

How does AirPlay work?

Troubleshooting AirPlay: What to Do When It's Not Working

How to turn on AirPlay Firstly, you should know which devices are capable of working with the AirPlay system: Give your device a chance to cool down by disconnecting it from the power supply for a while and then trying again later. You may also want to test the cable with another device to see whether the cable might be faulty.

How to AirPlay mirror your mac onto your Apple TV

If you suspect this might be the case, then check your Apple TV manual for information on how to adjust your settings. If you suspect that your Wi-Fi is struggling under the weight of AirPlay, then you can try the following fixes.

Cannot AirPlay Mirror iPhone/iPad to Apple TV? Guide to Troubleshoot Apple TV AirPlay

If you suspect that these issues are down to the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, then you may be able to give your Wi-Fi a boost by investing in a pair of Powerline adapters. These adapters extend and strengthen your existing Wi-Fi network, by transferring data over your mains electricity circuit. If you suspect that household appliances may be interfering with your connection, then you can try moving these devices away from your AirPlay setup, moving your AirPlay setup, or turning these devices off, to see whether this solves your problem.

If it seems more likely that other networks are causing the disruption, then you can use an app such as iStumbler to check which channels nearby networks are using, and then make sure you avoid these channels. Although we tend to think of AirPlay as a wireless technology, you can also create an AirPlay connection using ethernet cables.