1. Avermedia Game Capture HD - Record PS3 Gameplay without PC

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Egyptman Follow Forum Posts: I Want to know too. All else fails just google it PS3videos Follow Forum Posts: SuperMario Follow Forum Posts: I would really like to know about this, as well.

5 Devices Used To Capture PS3 Or Xbox 360 Gameplay In High Definition

Keep the suggestions coming! Dazzle x you need x for hi-def. Dazzle x you need x for hi-def mike If your doing a live feed for justin. Also my responses are limited as I have to truncate anyexplanation. Whatever, you're not helpful.. Chidorin Member Feb 23, Dyegreenluke said: Harold Active Member Feb 23, It's kind of hard to be helpful with someone whose assumptions about how things work are wrong.

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Dyegreenluke New Member Feb 23, Yeah, but if I hook it up to a mac I can record with voice and HD. Well that's not free and like I said, it's a capture card. Dyegreenluke This topic is just mistaken.

recording - How do you capture video of your PS3 gameplay? - Arqade

You can record without capture card but it's hard. The best way is shown here. If you want the best,go for a capture card. I recommend Blackmagic's devices. For an example,check out this guy. Sapiens Forum Moderator. Feb 24, I've already had one user come into the support channel complaining about poor quality after someone recommended that instead of buying a proper capture card he should buy a C instead and point it at the screen.

I can't believe someone would actually suggest this and I don't think you're doing people any favors by presenting it as a viable alternative.

Re: Capture PS3 gameplay with Mac mini

The other options of recording without a capture card appear similarly ridiculous. Using a recording-capable DVD player?

Actually none of these have anything to do with OBS except "point a webcam at your TV" so I guess while bad they're also irrelevant. Sapiens Ok,the first link,just abandon it. A piece of crap. Second,point a webcam? I thought it said use a camera.

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Webcams are going to make it worse. Also,yeah,these were not related to OBS,but I suggested it as an alternative way. Just trying to help. And Dyegreenluke ,conclusion is,just buy a capture card.

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Problem solved. Dyegreenluke New Member Feb 25, Ok, well I see why I need a capture card now.