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EDT, DDT and LNC files are files that you can create that allow to both edit the game without the use of an editor and also allow you to choose what countries or clubs players will be loaded in a game. They are very convenient to create and use as they can all be applied to any database very easily by just putting them in the right place on your computer. They also quite small in size so they are convenient to upload and share with others.

Advanced Users Only: Mac Savegame Editor - Click here. Genie Scout Compatible with Media Comment Editor - Click here. Editor created by SI which allows the gamer to change the comments which can be released by managers. Additional Media Sources and Journalists - Click here. Adds extra media sources to the game.

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Gillsminnow's Retain Players File - Click here. Makes more regens come through at more obscure nations. Official Editor: Changing Columns in search results - Click here. This tells you how you can change the columns in the official SI editor. This guide will help you swap teams within divisions or create superleagues. Create a DDT file from the examples here to retain lots of players from different countries. If you are having technical problems with the editor please visit: Where Can I find the Editor? If installed on offline systems it can be found in C: If installed using steam the editor can be found: If installed on Mac it can be found: Sports Interactive recommend at least MB Ram or more for optimal performance, however due to the amount of data stored in the editor you may experience poor or slow performance.

How do I load my file into my game inside FM? Notice in this box it will have section saying Editor Data Files and a 'Change' tick button. Clicking this button will allow you to select which of your files to load into your game. Where can I find how to create a new nation rules or how to add leagues to existing leagues?

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Videos of how to create these can be found at http: For creating new nation rules view —. For adding new levels to existing leagues view - FM data editor -. Where Should I save files to? Whether you have created the files yourself or downloaded them they need to be placed in the following locations for them to be loaded into the game.

Don't overwrite the config.

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  8. Instead, you should give your file an original name of your own choice. Following the These can be loaded by FM10 without any decompression. Firstly make sure you have saved the file to the editor data file. If this is correct, you should try the following. If the file is definitely saved, you should delete your cache and then remove the config. How to delete your cache files. First of all you need to turn on hidden files and folders.

    Then go to the 'View' tab and select 'Show hidden files and folders'.

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    Open 'My Computer'. Navigate to C: Go into the 'Sports Interactive' folder. Delete any 'Football Manager' folder. Windows Vista: Click your username on the Start Menu.

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    Click on 'AppData' and then 'Roaming'. The editor data folder is located. How do I merge multiple editor files, e. Super Bladesman's England file and the Mega Africa file? You cannot merge files where league rules have been edited in both files.

    FM Real Time Editor For FM (FMRTE)

    Merging is also really intended as a Power User feature, in some respects, and should be avoided where possible - if necessary, you can merge 'person' changes into a league-edited file, for example. In this example, there is no need to merge the files, as multiple xml or dbc files can be loaded into the game and be run side-by-side see below. Any custom id numbers will be re-assigned by FM10 upon creation of a new game. Can I load multiple files into the game? Yes, you can load as many different xml files into a new game.

    However some files can prevent other from working if you have made many changes to leagues and structures. Can I download files from other users to use in the editor? Yes, you can download other users XML files they have created and load them into your game by putting them in the editor data folder.

    If you have multiple xml files created some of the changes you have made may affect another xml. Unless it works with the full game.. Originally Posted by Aannddyy. Originally Posted by chrismonc Originally Posted by Redrup. Because they deem anything below 30 too young. Do you know a professional manager that is younger than this?

    Will give this a download. I use it for the ID Codes and i like to check other team's funds. The only version available once downloaded and extracted all files is the fm10 demo. If not does anyone know when it is due out, cheers in advance.

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    Originally Posted by clappers Originally Posted by zun-zun. I might download and have a look, doubt ill use it though. FMRTE v3. I read that it's not available for steam users yet, hope it comes out soon tho. Originally Posted by italia People dont download this editor Yes it does. Version is Every time the game loaded it asked for me to put the disc in I reinstalled and erased the update and it works now I dont know what to do.

    Send or Don't send please help me i dont know what to do. Can i change my chairman?

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    Anyone had the problem with when it comes up chose game version then when I choose it it doesnt load. Contact Us Home Page Top. The time now is