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As you observe that by default setting of Dock in Mavericks is to the solid frost effect. And, if you do not want to keep transparent Dock and want to get back frost effect Dock again then just type the following command in Terminal, to get your desired effect of Dock.

OSX Friday - Custom Dock Position and Transparency

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You need to tell them http: Oct 24, 5: I can't see which apps are running using the new Mavericks dock. And I can't fix it with Tinkertool the way I used to because that preference is gone. I hope Apple realizes that this is not "just" an aesthetic issue, although that matters, but that it also affects usability.

I see no option in the accessiblity preferences to change this.

Apparently Apple's aesthetics trump the user exerience. There was a time when we could choose these things for ourselves.

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Please, Apple, give this little bit of autonomy and usability back to us. Oct 24, 6: Completely agree. Have been searching for a solution for this for half the day.

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I just can't get used to it. I would venture to say for most computer users an inverse color scheme is actually preferred. Give us the option to remove this dock background or change the color and transparency NOW!

Did removing the 5 lines of code that used to let us disable it really cause code bloat? Really was it worth it? Perhaps it is incompatible with AppNap? Oct 25, I won't reiterate all the complaints about the dock, sufice it to say I indeed sent fieedback directly to Apple. Thanks for the link.

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Couldn't agree more, Mavericks Dock placed on a side looks really bad. Left Apple feedback, hopefully we'll have a solution soon. Mavericks Dock: Change color More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Change color The new bright side dock in mavericks is ugly and hard for the eye.

How to Make Mac OS X Dock Transparent

The new OSX dock is horrible especially when you put them on the side, and with most new monitos are at The apple threads are full of angry users that search for solution to make the dock more useable the new iOS look is similar crazy and flawed. DockMod is no solution, its a system hack and you should not use such programms on a productive system. Anyone using Dockmod is asking for trouble. The developer likes to hold you to ransom, not providing any means of removing the advertisement for his product all over your dock even after uninstall.

You can get tips by email but he is reluctant to give all the details at once, rather trying to sell the product instead. I got caught, but was lucky enough to have a buddy who knows enough about the inside of Osx to get rid of this crap.