Fast, High Quality Black and White Conversions In Photoshop

Note that your mouse turns into an eyedropper when you move or click over your image. Click areas of your image to highlight that dominant color in your dialog box. Click and drag on the image itself with the eyedropper to move the color slider for that color, making it darker or lighter. If desired, select the Tint button to apply a tone of color to the black-and-white image.

Desaturate Layer Shortcut

Adjust the Hue and Saturation sliders to choose a tint color and intensity of that color. Click the color swatch to access the Color Picker, where you can select another color. If you totally goof up your image, hold down Alt Option on the Mac and click the color chip to reset that adjustment. To reset all adjustments, hold down Alt Option on the Mac to convert the Cancel button into Reset, and then click that button.

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After you establish a custom conversion setting, save it to apply to other similar images by selecting Save Preset from the Preset Options pop-up menu, just to the left of the OK button. We're going to bring up the Fade command, which allows us to fade the last adjustment we applied to the image, but only as long as we haven't gone and done anything else first. If we have, the Fade command will be grayed out and unavailable to us.

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This option is really just called "Fade". It says "Fade Desaturate" because we just desaturated the image. Then, without doing anything after that, go up to the Edit menu and select the Fade option.

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When you select "Fade Desaturate", the Fade dialog box appears. The Fade dialog box gives us two options - changing the opacity of the adjustment we just applied to the image and changing the blend mode of the adjustment.

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Click the down-pointing arrow beside the word Normal to bring up a list of blend modes. These are the exact same blend modes we'd normally find in the Layers palette, but here, rather than affecting layers, they're affecting how the last adjustment we applied is going to interact with the image. Select Color way down near the very bottom of the drop down list.

This will cause our desaturation adjustment to affect only the colors in the image, not the brightness values, giving us a higher quality black and white conversion with more detail remaining in the image than if we had simply desaturated the image and left it at that.

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Using these quick and easy steps, getting a fast black and white conversion of a color photo doesn't have to mean poor quality. If you use the keyboard shortcuts, it's simply a matter of pressing:. Then simply change the blend mode from Normal to Color , click OK, and you're done! This "bonus step" as I call it is completely optional but it only takes an extra second or two and is a nice effect.