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Today, my previously working gmail account no longer works - cannot send. My gmail account is via Google Apps for business, so it uses my own domain name. Looking at the error messages, it looks as if it is only using the prefix of my email address as the user name, whereas with 'google apps for business' gmail, you need to put the whole email address in.

OK - I fixed my own problem. Somehow, presumably when I updated the mail app, the settings were changed for the outgoing server. Once I did this fix it started working again. Mar 16, 3: I tried it but it isn't working. Then again I have changed a lot of setting trying to fix this problem so it could be that some other setting is wrong. Mar 16, 9: From what I read in various forums, if you just start again, and put in your gmail account user name and password, it should set it all up for you.

I think my problem was an issue with the update of the mail app going wrong. Still, if you have a problem sending mail, then the change I made above to the SMTP server advanced settings fixed it for me. May 16, 1: I'm sitll not clear how this solves the problem of multiple Gmail accounts. Thus, everything ends up running off smtp. Any help? Make sure that you check this box and choosing different names for the smtp is useful in your case.

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Ask a question. User profile for user: I have tried Gmail help to no avail. I find work arounds but all seem to be out of date. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Andrei Vermont Andrei Vermont. PrestaShop 1. Blackberry 1. How to Check your Email with Microsoft Outlook , hits. How to Set Up your Email in Outlook , hits. How to create an email signature in Outlook 68, hits.

Outlook Accessing Account Settings 18, hits. How to create an email signature for Mac in Outlook 97, hits. How to create an email signature in Outlook 33, hits. Creating an email account in Outlook 17, hits. Prevent Outlook from Formatting Email as winmail. How to create an email signature in Outlook 90, hits. How to Setup Outlook for Windows 14, hits. Mar 9, Was this article helpful? Yes No. Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. Is the information out of date or inaccurate? Is the guide complete? Are there spelling or grammatical errors?

Are there broken links on the page? Additonal Feedback One being hard and ten being easy. How easy were the instructions to follow? How easy was it to find the guide you were looking for? Was your issues resolved? Additional Feedback Related Questions Here are a few questions related to this article that our customers have asked:. New POP email doesn't show in Outlook sidebar.

Ask a Question. Support Center Login Our Login page has moved. Please click the button below to be redirected to the login page. Log In. InMotion Hosting. Hi, I m Using Outlook in my Windows 10 lap. Hi Althaf, you can add a signature following these instructions. Additionally, you can setup your folders by adding them in Outlook. If you are experiencing an issue with the software you may need to reach to the developers support website for assistance with their product.

I recently had a website hosting transfer completed. Email accounts for the 3 websites which had the hosting transfer completed, all worked perfect through Outlook prior to the transfer. Since the website hosting transfer was completed, only email accounting on 1 of the domains websites are working. The other 2 websites that were transferred, those email accounts are no longer working. I have gone through settings in WHM and Cpanel, I have gone through all the steps to set up mail client with registry edit and manual settings.

Webmail works for these 2 domains but no settings with work through outlook. I have deleted the email account through cpanel and created new accounts, I have also deleted them from outlook and set them back up. I get this failure when trying to send test email from either of the 2 domains: Sorry for the problem with setting up your email clients for 2 of your sites. My first comment will be that our live technical support team would be best equipped to aid you in seeing if your email issues are server related, or something related to the email client setup.

Though, if webmail is working, then generally the issue is not server related. I recommend the following: It is possible to move one and not the other. If the nameservers for your hosting service are all pointed to the new hosting server, then DNS will be managed in the new location. If not, then these settings are handled remotely.

If you are using an email service in the same place as the hosting web server, then the settings for mail are said to be "local. The difference between 1 and 2 is that my first answer is related to the domain settings, specifically the DNS for the domains that have been moved. I know this is very redundant, but your settings should reflect the protocol you are using POP or IMAP , the ports being used there 2 main types secure and insecure and make sure that authentication criteria typically, the user name and password are correct.

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If there is, it may be trying to use your OLD settings and throwing up errors. If your email is confirmed to be normally working at the hosting service, then you may need to contact Microsoft. Sometimes, the problem is something that needs to be cleared in Outlook itself. Sorry to say that the older versions of Outlook might be the source of the problem, but it is possible since you are using an year old version of the software. I hope that helps to resolve your problem! If you require further assistance please let us know!

Regards, Arnel C. I'm sorry to see this is happening. I recommend removing and adding the account to your Outlook. However, if you are using POP you may lose any emails that are not stored on the server. If you are using IMAP this will not happen and you can remove and add the account to ensure that all the settings are entered correctly. For further assistance, you should contact your email host's support. This guide is intended to assist you with configuring Outlook using the Settings that work for InMotion Hosting servers. I am using outlook The mail is configured and receiving the mails in inbox as well.

We are happy to help you troubleshoot further, but will need a full example of the error and returned email headers. Thank you, John-Paul. My reciving mail server is error. Since this is our public forum, we cannot provide account specific information. I recommend checking your server's mail log , if you are on a shared server Live Support can assist you.

Select " Choose an existing folder or create a new folder to save your sent items for this account in ". Then you will be able to use the account tree listing to map the folder you want to save the Sent items to. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the settings for Drafts and Trash in Outlook However, during my investigation, it seems this functionality is improved in Outlook I hope this helps!

Hi, Since Mar 22, , my Outlook in my laptop is not downloading any incoming emails. Thank you. Please refer to the troubleshooting portion of our email guides as they may help to identify the issue. If you continue to have problems we recommend that you contact our live technical support team. Their contact information is at the bottom of the page.

I'm not quite sure I understand the issue you are experiencing. Can you explain the details of your circumstances so I can further offer some assistance? Hi, I am having a problem with my 0utlook email. Please help me. Thanks for the question about your Outlook email. First of all, there is only ONE official email name for an email account. You can't have an "incoming email identity" and an "outgoing email identity" for a single email account. Servers identify the sending or receiving account by the email name.

We would need to know what you're seeing and also be able to access your account in order to review why it's not working. Note that posts are public domain on the support center. If you wish to handle this privately, then please contact our live technical support team using the contact information below. Please advise.

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If you continue to have problems with the issue our recommendation is to contact Microsoft support in order to determine your next steps. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. It is likely a certain feature that may have been enabled. It would be best to check with Microsoft support. Hello Malik, Sorry for the problems with the mail settings.

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If you log in to your cPanel and go to mail, there is an option for configuring the mail client for email account. Check the settings there. Additionally, check to see if webmail is working for that account. If webmail is working, then the email account is setup correctly. If you're still having issues at that point, contact our live technical support team and they can help you with the settings live over the phone or chat. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C. Hello Bev, Sorry for the issues with your email.

You need to properly configure your email client regardless of ISP in order to access email. If you are using our servers for your email, then you can find your settings by reviewing this article. Hello Experts, My outloook is downloading only Inbox mails skipping all the folders. Please let me know what settings do i have to make in order to download everything. Now I am gettinf the error Task 'Work - Receiving' reported error 0x You will want to contact Live Support for account-specific assistance with your Outlook connection settings.

The below also applies to me: I'm sorry to see that you are receiving this error. It appears as though you are using a Gmail account with POP. Hi, we are facing error when confiruging the email accout in Out Look. Please find below the error details and request us to help for the same. This error says the server is rejecting your login information. You need to be sure you are using the correct hostname, username, and password. Using the correct information should correct the issue.

Santoshi, at this point you should probably reach out to your Support Department with your email provider. They should be able to look at the logs and determine why. Stuart, it sounds like either there is a display issue with Outlook, or the emails may be missing. I recommend contacting Microsoft, and possibly your email host. I have configured my email with Ms outlook i have used to log in without problem today it bring me an error that your log in has been rejected by server, I have investigated and discover that I cannot receive any email I only send.

Assalamoalaikum, I configure roundcube in outlook through POP but thers no mail left in roundcube, all mails have been moved to outlook instead of copy. POP removes the mail from the server by default. Check into the settings for Outlook and there should be a setting to check for leaving email on the server. Here is a helpful link to the official outlook guide on Switch between working offline and online.

Please any one can help me. Confirm your email settings are entered correctly and are free of misspellings. You can view our email settings in cPanel at any time. Check your mx records to ensure they are pointed to the correct server. Check your mail logs record of your connection, or additional errors. Hey, Just one qtn in my outlook there is no option of "leave a copy message on server" Please suggest what should i do!

Regards Vinay. Your incoming and outgoing mail server is anything that points to your account, typically. Its your domain name or ip address of the server. Hi, In office I am using Outlook and at home i am using webmail. I can't see the sent item of outlook on my webmail. How can i synchronize sent item folder? Hello Asha, If your Outlook email client is properly configured to send email from the same mail server that your webmail service is attached to, then the outgoing email should be tracked at the server since it is sending the email - not Outlook.

Make sure that your outgoing email is subscribed to the sent messages. Also, depending on your webmail client, you may have the same option to subscribe to folders there this is possible in RoundCube. Please anyone will help on these!! IMAP setups do not store the emails on your server, but sync with the server. To move emails from one server to another, you will want to use a client to do it.

We have an article on how to move emails from one IMAP server to another. How can i resolve this? Hello Gary, I advise you make sure that your domain is pointing to our servers. If you use our email settings for Outlook then you must make sure the domain is pointing to us. Also, if the email was active before trying to set up Outlook then it's likely they arrived in the mailbox that was set up previously. Otherwise, if the mail was sent to a non-existent mailbox most email providers would have notified the senders and they could re-send.

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If a message is lost, however, it cannot be recovered. Sir, Thank for your reply. I am using outlook , not and I configured as pop3 account. Thank you, Sir, Thank for your reply. Hello VN Murthy, The method in the article for will be similar. By default, a POP3 setup will pull the emails off the server so that they only appear on the device that checked it. If you have any other devices that check the email, they will not see them. IMAP allows Outlook to mirror what is on the server, for folders other than the Inbox, they need to be subscriubed to in order to see them.

The emails are not pulled off the server so this is good if you check your email from multiple devices PC, phone, tablet, work, other PCs, etc. As you are asking about folders that are on the server, it seems that may be the setup that will work best for you. Is that what you are trying to accomplish? Kindest Regards, Scott M. Hello V N Murphy Did you subscribe to these folders? I don't know what is subscription and how to subscribe to these folders.

Please guide me in this. Hello vnmurthy, Thank you for contacting us. Basically, the error message is saying that Outlook cannot connect to the outgoing server. That will happen most frequently when the configuration is not correctly set. However, it can also happen if there's a broken connection or issue at the server. Since that IP address is pointing to something other than our service, you would need to check with your provider's support in order to verify if there's a problem at the server - they may also provide the correct settings that you need for your outgoing server settings.

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I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Please, any help would be appreciated - I have never faced this before- New laptop windows 8. Thank you, Leis. Hello Leis, Sorry for the problem with setting up your Live. That really doesn't have anything to do with our hosting here at InMotion. However, if you were trying to setup an email account created with InMotion, then you can find your email settings here. If you are trying to use secure settings and you're using our shared server SSL settings e. This is the reason you'll see the "Internet Security Warning" - basically it's saying that the names don't match as SSL certificates typically match the domain name.

However, if you can see the server name on the certificate and it matches your setting, then it will be okay. You can approve it and there will be no problem. Hello Mrs. Ong, Thank you for contacting us. You can view your email settings directly in cPanel.

It includes both "Incoming" and "Outgoing" settings for your email client. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Common settings

Hello H K, Thank you for contacting us. Hello Hanu, Thank you for contacting us. What's the reason??? Thank you,. Hello Hamad, Thank you for contacting us. If you were using POP before, then your previous emails should be saved within your Outlook program. This is because POP removes emails from the server by default, and stores them in folders inside Outlook. Cant open this item error is showing, windows 7, google apps sync, using, and outlook Hello Mahesh, Thank you for contacting us.

I found a similar question in Microsoft's official Support Forums, where they link to a patch, or fix. I hope this helps, John-Paul. Hello Simon, Thank you for contacting us. It is possible your POP configuration is causing this problem. I would first check all the POP devices, to see if they are set to leave a copy on the server. It is possibly pushing copies of emails back onto the server that were previously deleted via IMAP accounts. Be careful however, if you do not leave a copy on the server POP will remove all emails by default. This will store the emails on the server, and allow everyone to see the same folders.

You can still save copies of emails, by moving them to other folders. Hello redandy We do not have copies of Outlook to test, but if memory serves, there is an option in the left top menu that allows you to select which account you are viewing. I do have a link to an official Microsoft Outlook article that may help. Plez help me. Hello Pramod, Thank you for contacting us. I would double-check your gmail password for misspellings, or possibly reset your password.

Hello Augustin ej, I'm sorry for the apparent replication of your email to the folders. The problem that you're having has to do with the rules that are being used to move the email to those folders. You need to look at the rules. If there is a separate move rule for each folder, then that is the reason you're seeing for the file duplication. We do not have control over that as that is specifically a mail client issue. Hello Akg, The behavior you're talking has to do with Google basically not deleting messages. Check out this article about changing a setting in Outlook for this issue.

My sent emails still reside in webmail and donot show up in Outlook. How do I make this sync. Regards, Ramesh. Hello Ramesh, Thank you for your question. It sounds like you setup your Outlook as POP, which removes emails from the server by default. IMAP leaves the emails on the server by default, and allows all clients to see the same folders.

This allows you to see the folders. Thanks, Dale. Hello Dale, Right click on any of the headers at the top of the list of e-mail messages and select Customize Current View and then click the Fields button. Here you will see the available fields in the left hand column and the fields you are currently using.

Best Regards, TJ Edens. Hello ngo wah, Is it one particular folder on one particular account? If it is account specific you will want to contact our Live Support for assistance. Hello Amanj, Sorry for the problems with email. If all of your emails are being re-directed, then there may be an account re-direct on the account. Since the account does not appear to be hosted with us, you will need to contact the mail admin or hosting account admin that is responsible for your email in order to properly determine the issue.

If you do have an account with InMotion, please provide more information on the email account in question and we would be happy to look further into the issue for you. Regards, Arnel c. Please help! Thank you: This means anything added or deleted on the server will duplicate on the Outlook. If you set it up as POP3, then the Outlook will pull the email from the server and then it will exist on Outlook. Hi Scott. Suddenly I got no new emails in Outlook Before so far was OK.

I still get new emails at Tab and Blackberry. What happened with my Outlook and what should I do to fix it? Thanks alot Hi John, I just got problem in my Outlook Hello Antonio, Due to the fickleness of Outlook , it tends to be easier to remove the account from your outlook software and re-add your email address.

This can happen at times with windows security patches. Hello Vishal, Are you going through a local network? There are no 'network' credentials needed to connect Outlook to our servers. Also, be sure your Outgoing settings are set for Authentication. Hello David, Thank you for your question. Since webmail is working, you know the server is functioning correctly.

If you are being prompted for a password, normally this means Outlook is not authenticating with your server. I recommend checking all of your email settings for typos and misspellings. Next, try the alternate email settings. If your problems persist, contact Live Support so they can review the email logs for issues, while you are connecting.

Any help would be amazing. Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for your question. I would start by restarting Outlook , and possibly the computer, if it has not been restarted recently. This stops and starts all software cleanly, and can help fix simple software problems. If it still doesn't show up, try setting it up again from the beginning as described above. You can view your email settings for Google here. Let us know what happens. If your email was hosted on our servers, we would next check the server logs for your incoming connection. Hello Susi, Thank you for your question.

I found a post via online search, where they stated: Even though I had gotten out of Outlook, the outlook. When I killed that process, it allows me to continue on. If your problems persist, you may have to reinstall Outlook, or contact your Email provider at the time you are setting up the account, so they can review the server logs for errors. The "enterprise" version merely indicates the level of purchase of the Microsoft Suite in terms of the other programs that come with it when you get it.

It doesn't change the setup for Outlook. Therefore, if you're problems with the above, you need to double-check how you're running the setup. Are you working with a new account? Is there an account already setup in Outlook? You will need to be creating a NEW account in order to create an email account. If you continue to have problems, then please provide us any error messages and the steps leading up to where you are currently stuck.

It is set up with company e-mail. Hello Iony, Sorry for the continued problem. It's possible that your corporate version is locked down so that you can't make the changes as per the instructions above. If that is the case, you will need to speak with your corporate IT department for further assistance.

The instructions provided above will require that you have full access to make changes within your Outlook installation. It is an enterprise Outlook Hello yogesh, Thank you for contacting us. First, make sure you have created the email accounts in cPanel. You can then view your specific email settings in cPanel at any time. Then, use your settings to follow the above guide. Hello Belinda, Thanks for the question. It sounds like you were able to set up the account okay per the instructions above.

Outlook uses profiles for managing multiple accounts. You may need to set up a different profile in order to see the other account. Check out this post from Microsoft's Office support pages. We have a great article on setting up email on your Android phone that should resolve your issue. Hello Praveen, Are you getting any errors when connecting?

Have you tried deleted and recreated the account? Have you attempted using another email client such as Thunderbird to see if it is only an Outlook issue? Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing SMTP server. When following these instructions my email will not let me send or receive anything. It only stays in the outbox instead of sent mail.

Hello Jordan, Thank you for contacting us. I have seen this before, where an outgoing mail gets stuck and blocks the outgoing mail. If you are able to send, then review the emails that were in the outgoing box before. If your problems persist, it may be easier to contact Live Support , so they can review the email logs. Hi, I have successfully set up Outlook following your instructions but for some reason I am now getting this error when trying to send out emails.

What port are you using for your outgoing mail server? If using port 25, try changing it to port as your ISP may be blocking port Hello maribel, Thank you for contacting us about email connection issues. You can confirm your specific email settings in cPanel at any time. Also, make sure the domain's DNS pointed to our servers. Hello Suzie, Thanks for the question and sorry for the confusion with the email. When you are using the IMAP protocol, email will stay on the server.