Transfer DVR To Computer: Summary of the Challenge

But wait, just because there is no easy answer, don't think there isn't a way to copy the shows off. You just have to do it the slow way. There are devices, like old-fashioned video cassette recorders and DVD recorders, that will record any video. If you'd like to read more about them, go to http: So the bottom line is copying the videos from your DVR isn't as easy as copying files on your computer, but with enough time and preparation, it can be done.

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Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. Would the sort of hardware bobdow suggested in the first reply still work? I see the Walmart sells something similar and if it didn't work, I could just return it to a retail store, which I'd prefer over the responsibility of mailing something back somewhere. I think I've changed my mind and I now just want to do what is easiest because I find this all very confusing. That will not record HDCP encrypted video.

If you have component analog video outputs, then either of the devices bobdow linked to should work. Quality will be plenty good enough, though technically worse than it could be. Here's a thread on a different site where someone asks the same thing. The answer, I'm afraid, is that getting the data off the hard drive's not possible, so it's probably worth trying the analogue route mentioned above.

How do I transfer content from DVR to Mac… - Apple Community

In the future, you might consider running your cable into a tuner card on your desktop and using one of the fine pieces of software available there to record the program and archive it. I didn't mean that to be unhelpful, btw, though I guess it doesn't help much with your specific issue. Sadly, bungadunga's idea of grabbing the component video in SD may be the most practical approach for your existing recordings. I know you were hoping for HD, but that's going to be tough to pull off.

How to Transfer a DVR Recording to a Mac With Firewire

Either downloading the content from another source or replacing your DVR with something less moronic is probably going to be more fun than any capture solution you can rig up. Use the firewire port. You may have to get some sort of firewire adapter if your computer doesn't have one.

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When connected, anything that gets played on the screen gets sent out the firewire port as long as you're not on a copy protected channel. This page may help. Not sure if anyone will see this reply, but what if I was able to get something like the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 with a cable card slot and get a cable card from my cable company? Then would I be able to pull the recordings off? As I understand it, the cablecard unlocks the encryption, which is why you need to get a cable card from your ISP if you get a Tivo, for instance. Also, people seemed to mention an analog way to pull the recordings off, but no one explained what equipment I would need or how to do that.

Googling that was too vague. More specifics, please? It will allow you to capture video on any channel that doesn't have a copy protection flag set, but that set of channels will vary depending on your cable company and city from only over the air channels which can't legally be encrypted anyway to everything. To get your existing recordings in analog SD, you just need an analog TV capture device with a composite or S-Video input preferably S-Video and some recording software.

Most TV cards come with some software to record. You can do the same thing in HD with component cables, but capture cards that do that are very expensive. I am pretty sure the content was from copy-protected channels. So I just need something like this maybe? This is annoying. I'm really curious about the Firewire connection, wierdo.

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  4. I suspect this is either a corrupted stream or I've selected something that may be copy protected. I want to make a copy of a program on which my group was interviewed the station doesn't make copies anymore on so that we can use it to show other interested groups.

    The computer is an iMac running I have GB so space available. Thanks for all your suggestions. To be much more specific than we have been so far we will need to know the model of the box. Some companies have crippled various features of their boxes. The easiest method would probably be to use a video camera that has pass thru recording capabilities.

    Once on the camera the file can usually be moved to the computer.

    DVR to Computer: The Big Picture

    If your cable box has analog video output red, white, yellow something like this should do the trick. The model is HDC. Originally Posted by mickibob. Attached Images Screen Shot at 3. Beat me to it RadDave.

    Mac Applications forum

    You're spot on as usual. It looks like the port on the far end is labeled which would make it a firewire port. That is what I am using but as I mentioned it can be a pain in the butt to deal with. Not worth the headache if this is a one time thing. Well I guess now I am going to have yo go a Googling for the answer. A you may have guessed I don't like not knowing the answer to these types of questions. My bet would be that the newer models have some means of more strictly enforcing copyright. I had a video capture card that was so strict about that I couldn't even use the HDMI port as a pass thru to the TV with the cable box.