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Minitab Express enables instructors to seamlessly teach across platforms and gives students greater flexibility.

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With its user-friendly interface and intuitive menus designed to complement leading textbooks, students can use Minitab Express to quickly analyze and interpret their data. When they open Minitab Express, longtime Minitab users will recognize a similar interface that includes the data pane, the output pane which displays analyses and graphs, and a Navigator for accessing results in a similar way to the Project Manager in Minitab Minitab Express includes essential graphs and statistics related to probability, summary statistics, hypothesis tests, regression and ANOVA.

To help students use the software, Minitab Express provides simplified menus, illustrative icons, informative graphs, step-by-step examples, and help interpreting output. Students and instructors also have access to supplemental material, including real-world data sets, instructional YouTube videos, articles that provide lesson ideas and classroom applications, and overviews that introduce students to the software and how to use it. More information about Minitab Express, including pricing and licensing and a free day trial version, is available at www.

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More than 4, colleges and universities use Minitab for teaching and research. Thousands of companies worldwide use Minitab software to analyze data for quality improvement programs. Headquartered in State College, Pa. Another indication that the content of the columns is treated as text is that the textual content is left-justified whereas numbers are always right-justified. Minitab cannot summarize data, such as calculating means and standard deviations, when they are treated as text. The Minitab Help and How-To documentation provides step by step instructions on using Minitab to analyze data.

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The individual course notes will also provide details for each specific use of Minitab within that course. To copy output appearing in the Session window, select the desired output using your mouse. While you can save your work in bits and pieces — the graphs separately from the worksheet —more often than not, it is best to save your entire Minitab " project.

Basically, if you save your work as a Minitab project, you can resume your work right where you left off. Minitab projects are given a ".

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MPJ" extension. For the purpose of this course, you may consider creating one project for each lesson, and thereby naming the projects lesson1.

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MPJ, lesson2. MPJ, and so on. It can be download to the user's local computer from there. Of course, you can print your Minitab work as well. To do so, activate the window that you want to print by clicking your mouse anywhere on the window. Minitab offers several resources that are helpful for you.

Minitab 18 Support - Getting Started is a concise guide designed to quickly get you familiar with using Minitab Statistical Software.

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A complete Help file is incorporated in Minitab, which provides you with instructions, examples with interpretations, overviews and detailed explanations, troubleshooting tips, formulas, references, and a glossary. The StatGuide provides statistical guidance after you run a procedure in Minitab. Step-by-step tutorials help new users learn how to use Minitab. Last, but not least, remember that Minitab provides a support team staffed by professionals with expertise in the software, statistics, quality improvement, and computer systems.

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Breadcrumb Home Tutorials Statistical software Minitab. A Quick Introduction to Minitab Statistical Software This introduction to Minitab is intended to provide you with enough information to get you started using the basic functionality of Minitab.

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Obtaining a Copy of Minitab The Minitab software is available through a number of vendors as well as at the Minitab Website. Three Types of Windows When you open Minitab, you will typically see something that looks like this: Here is one example of a graphics window: Copying and Pasting Data into a Minitab Worksheet All of the data that you analyze in this course will be posted on the course web site.

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