The Price is Right

I've also noticed that at the big wheel, when it's time to spin, the game can kick into a permafreeze that makes it impossible to spin or continue. Fix these issues and it'd be perfect! For what the game is, it's pretty good.

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As a purist, I have some issues with how the game is implemented. For a more authentic feel, the change in set decor should be really timed to the years that it actually was used. For example, the newer sets should not be used until later in the s. The "new" Price is Right set should not be used later in the s era.

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Some of the incidental music is not used in the proper context for example the "C'mon Down" music was different in the early s. A reminder of what year we're in somewhere on-screen would be helpful also. I have several issues with the Showcase Showdown. If you to match the leader's score in one spin, you are forced to "spin again" and not given the option to do a spinoff, as in the show.

It's not clear how to control the power for spinning the wheel maybe that's by design.

The Price is Right

I've seen bugs in the spinning process where it would jump to a value I had already spun past. The proper music cues aren't used in this section either. The app also occasionally crashes, especially when you win a showcase. It also seems to get stuck when transitioning between segments e. Showcase Showdown versus Showcase.

After 2 months, I deleted it. The same prizes were coming up over 'n over again. I was sick of it! Perhaps, this is why it is no longer an available App! Yesterday, I delighted playing the newest version, and even priced at only.

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Just played and "tied" on the BIG wheel. Was instructed to S P I N again What happened to the TIE-spin-off? Both scores were With a tie it was stupid to have to spin again. Pleeeeeeeese FIX, A. Disappointed in Bellwood, PA. You people must NOT read these "comments!

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