How to Use Your iPad as a Second Screen for Your Mac

The revision A A third-generation Apple TV and the fourth-generation support a peer-to-peer connection, though this also needs a or later Mac with at least OS X When establishing a direct connection, Apple TV shows a four-digit code to enter on your Mac to verify the attempt. If this doesn't happen when you expect it to, go to the Displays preferences pane and check the 'Show mirroring options…' box.

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor

If the screen edge over which the pointer moves between the screens is disorienting, go to the Displays preferences pane, click the Arrangement tab and drag the blue rectangles to positions that reflect the screens' physical layout. When you're away from home, Chromecast lets you shed some of the bulk you'd get with an Apple TV. The second-generation model is compact and has a short HDMI cable built in.

How to mirror your mac or PC on iPad, iPhone or ipod touch

It draws power from a TV's USB port our TV's 5V port worked , but if that doesn't work with the TV that's available to you in, say, a hotel — or if you can't be certain you'll have a TV with a suitable USB port — take the compact mains adaptor that comes with Chromecast, or try Apple's folding plug or The Mu if you dislike the prongs on some plugs. For international travel, consider the Mu System. Chromecast's drawback is that it must be connected to the same network as your Mac. So, you really need to be sure suitable infrastructure is available where you're staying, or else take a device such as Apple's AirPort Express to create one for you alone to use.

If you can meet these requirements, using Chromecast and AirParrot 2 is almost as straightforward as Apple's own system. Open AirParrot 2 and click its icon in the menu bar. Choose your Chromecast under 'To'. Above that, choose what you want to send to it. This is where AirParrot gets interesting: It's also able to stream various video formats to your TV.

Apple TV and AirPlay Display

If you find AirParrot's performance lacking, click the cog at the bottom of its menu and choose Preferences, where you'll find settings for quality and frame rate, and a separate quality slider for streaming videos. Our third and final method is especially good if you already carry an iOS device with your Mac.

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If not, you need to be okay with a few hundred grams extra in your bag; an iPad with a 9. Your Mac must be running at least OS X But the best apps for converting your iPad into a second monitor also make use of the iPad's touch interface, which can be a real bonus.

These apps work in conjunction with software installed on your computer. The software for your PC or Mac is free.

How to Mirror iPhone or iPad Screen to Mac/Windows PC

While many apps have provided the ability to use your iPad as a second monitor via Wi-Fi, Duet Display uses the same Lightning or pin cable you use to charge your iPad. This makes the connection fast, allowing you to do everything from watch video, which would be laggy over Wi-Fi or even play games. And Duet Display works great with the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro's You can watch a demo video of Duet Display in action on Youtube.

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Until Duet Display came along, Air Display was the reigning champ of converting your iPad into a monitor. Avatron Software recently came out with Air Display 3, which also uses the iPad's cable rather than Wi-Fi to set the iPad up as a second monitor. Unfortunately, Air Display 3 only works with Macs. If you are using Windows, you will need to install Air Display 2. Avatron has an Air Display 3 Upgrade Bundle available in the app store.

Unfortunately, their website doesn't link to it. Have a Mac? Download Air Display 3 instead.