And moving something precisely instead of a whole inch, etc requires having "snapgrid" NOT "enabled" under "View" menu.

Works everywhere

You can have snapgrid "Show" on under View, just not "Enabled". After losing three days of installing fixes and Xtracks forums I have to find another track planner,I cant get the parameters installed!! The clincher was trying on a Windows computer and ran into the same thing. I have started using Atlas RTS. Thanks for pointing me to the source anyway ,unless someone has another for a Mac. I don't know what when wrong with your Mac install, although I have heard of the issue before. With Windows, losing parameter files during install is much, much rarer - I have never experienced it personally, and I typically reinstall Windows XP annually due to hardware upgrades and other issues.

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I'm sorry it didn't work out. As you know, RTS is limited to Atlas track - no curved turnouts. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles but is very easy to learn using the tutorial. I believe they still have a free demo. Big Windy After losing three days of installing fixes and Xtracks forums I have to find another track planner,I cant get the parameters installed!!

What OS are you running? To find out click on the apple in the upper left corner go to "About This Mac". It will give you the Name of the OS and the version number. App Store can also be found in the Applications Folder. Check out our. Login or Register. Latest Headlines.

More than 250 libraries

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    Introducing RailModeller Pro

    Organize your layout's content into layers in RailModeller Pro: Up to 99 layers can be created to keep track of your tracks! Hiding or locking layers supports you when working with complex layouts.

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    You can optionally specify a default color for new elements or a default height assigned to newly inserted track elements for each individual layer. Assistants provide advanced functionality like inserting parallel tracks, closing gaps with sectional tracks or a fitting piece of flex track. RailModeller Pro allows you to create complex model railroad layouts in three dimensions. Create grades up to a specified target point or simply by setting the start and end height for a specific track section. The optional grade profile view of track elements provides a quick overview taking the hassle out of designing complex layouts with different height levels.

    Welcome to XTrackCAD

    A part list is automatically maintained for every layout providing an overview of the tracks used and the overall costs. Element prices are editable in the part list and RailModeller Pro will maintain a price database making sure costs of elements are kept in synch across all layouts. This maintenance update includes new and extended libraries for tracks and accessories as well as bug fixes.

    For this update we have revised and improved all of our more than track libraries bundled with the app: Additional improvements in this release include new geometric shapes, usability improvements and bug fixes. This update contains important bug fixes and improved compatibility with the macOS High Sierra beta. Recent changes: As always more details on the latest update are provided on our news section at http: Layout images can be shared to your Twitter, Facebook or Flickr account with a single click directly from within the app.

    New inspectors enable the precise editing of image position and dimensions. The Welcome window has been redesigned for better usability and now includes a handy link to what's new in the app.

    There are now 5 great sample layouts bundled with the app demonstrating various abilities. Additional changes in this update include general improvements and bug fixes. This update enables users to customize the way grades are displayed throughout the app to cater for local preferences: Similarly to how units can be switched between metric and imperial units the grade can now be shown in Per Mille, Percentage or as a ratio.

    Additional changes in this update include improved handling when arranging graded track sections and bug fixes. As always more details on the latest update are provided in our news section at http: This update introduces layer previews providing a quick way to preview layer content directly in the Layer List without the need to switch between layers or change layer visibility. In addition this release includes further enhancements to the app, improved app stability and track library updates.

    This update contains a new switch in the app's preferences to turn off the append feature for users that prefer to only manually append tracks via drag 'n' drop, improved baseboard tools, bug fixes and stability improvements. Improved editing for flex tracks: Connected tracks can now be modified within certain limits, connections to other tracks are established automatically when shaping flex tracks.

    In addition this update contains a number of new track libraries and bug fixes. This update improves the behavior and adds more control when pasting content, introduces a "Center on Selection" function and fixes an issue with custom baseboard shapes. Improved assistant to create baseboards, optimizations and bug fixes. Feb 5, Version 6. Information Seller Jan P.