2 Steps to a Bibliography in Word 2010
How to create citations and bibliographies in Word (MAC/PC)

If you are citing more than one article at once, select your first article. Then continue typing in the search box to find your second article. The first citation is saved by Papers Citations: When you select your second citation, you can either keep adding more citations or click on 'Insert Citation' to add all references.

As you can see, both articles selected to be cited at once appear in the citations window: Creating your bibliography When you are finished writing your manuscript, you are now ready to insert your reference list. Browse available citation styles or type the name of the journal in the search box. Make your own fully-searchable library in seconds, cite as you write, and read and annotate your PDFs on any device. If using a Windows device, Click the "references" tab and select "insert citation" in the "Mendeley Cite-O-Matic" section.

In previous versions of Word for the Mac, the Mendeley add-on is a floating toolbar.

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Search for the reference you want, select it, and press OK. If using a Mac, click the 'Add-Ins" tab and select "insert bibliography". If using a Mac device, click the "Add-Ins" tab and select "Choose Citation Style" Select the style you want and the references in your document will now reflect your new style. Click at the end of the sentence or phrase that you want to cite. Do one of the following: To add the source information, click Add New Source.

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To add a placeholder, so that you can create a citation and fill in the source information later, click Add New Placeholder. A question mark appears next to placeholder sources in Source Manager. You will need to fill in the full information before the Placeholder citation will appear in the Bibliography.

Begin to fill in the source information by clicking the arrow next to Type of source. For example, your source might be a book, a report, or a Web site. Fill in the bibliography information for the source.

Create a bibliography, citations, and references - Word

To add more information about a source, click the Show All Bibliography Fields check box. Click where you want to insert a bibliography, usually at the end of the document. Click a predesigned bibliography format to insert the bibliography into the document.

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Under Current List , click the placeholder that you want to edit.