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You can either use the slider, or type your own custom speed. Usually about to RPMs above your current is as much as you should consider—I changed mine to You'll see that your value will begin to increase to the value you just set.

Mac Tip: Control your Fan Speeds

And, your Control will no longer be on Auto , it will change to the constant value you chose. Your Mac will be begin cooling if you selected the right temperature.


You will be able to hear the fan at higher rates, but it won't be doing any harm to your system. Remember to change your other fan to the same speed, so they're running evenly. Do not leave your Mac running with this fan speed longer than the time you're using it. uses cookies.

It would be best to use software like this to cool your system down while it's hot, and then reset to normal values. Once you've solved your heating problem, it's time to return to the original settings to prevent the fans from staying at the speed that we set. Go back to the same fan s you selected before, and double-click it again. This time, select the first option, Automatic controlled by system , to go back to normal.

Now you don't need to worry about your laptop burning your legs when you start to use it heavily. Did this trick cool down your laptop? Jeremy Horwitz.

How-To: Make your Mac run silent, cool and fast under OS X El Capitan - 9to5Mac

How could your older Mac be that quiet? Check Your Dock.

Those little dots under the dock icons are there to indicate apps that are currently in use, and as a general statement, the more apps you have open at a time, the more things your Mac is juggling at once. Your Mac will typically load a little faster, and save a little memory in the process.

What are the default fan speed settings for an iMac 27' ? (Played with MacFan...)

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