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It was basically bait and switch. But when I run into one that works even better than expected I have to give kudos to the makers. I would actually pay a couple bucks for this app, especially if they made one that would download faster. I was actually wondering why is it so hard to get videos from iphone to mac.. I like send anywhere product for windows and online. I try to send some files, so I add or drop the files to the desktop app, but nothing happens.

The list of best Android file transfer software for Mac OS X

I hope this problem gets fixed so that I can use send anywhere without iritation! Please Please fix the app!

7 Best Mac Apps to Transfer files between Mac and iPhones iPads iPods

Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Send Anywhere: We've improved transferring waiting screen for using Send Anywhere easier.

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We've also added a few app settings. Version 8. Bug fixes and performance improvements. Want to send a file to your friends Mac in another state? Messages for OS X is the easiest way to go. An added bonus?

Send files directly via email

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Those three ways are really easy. There are better ways…unfortunately they are not that easy. My favorite is the following:. FTP , Email and cloud methods to transfer large files is like fitting a square peg in a round hole.

You can transfer large files with Binfer quite easily. It is definietly much safer option that FTP. Read more about it here: One of the most used way is still the old good USB key… No setup to do, just plug and play…. DropCopy allows the simplest drag and drop file transfer among macs on the same network — its the first utility I install on every machine.

I use the traditional file sharing approach to share between an OS9. The G3 and the Pro each see the Tiger machine on the network. Is there a difference between Mountain Lion and Tiger that accounts for this difference or do I probably just have something set up wrong? This is a local ethernet network routed through an Airport. Thanks for any suggestions! I am very surprised that it does not have a way to connect to my Macs via file sharing and screen sharing.

There are many 3rd party apps, but they often require client apps on the Macs, special login names, and IP address setup and what not.

Best Android file transfer software for Mac OS X

The main reason I bought an Apple product was to avoid all the BS setup that is standard fare for Windows and Android. Sure I can use the cloud, but when I want to view a file on my Mac why should I have to run over to the Mac move the file to DropBox and wait for it to sync to my iPad and go back to my comfy chair? If I was going to do that I could just read the file on my Mac and chuck the iPad. I love the way my Macs seamlessly integrate and share files, printers and screens with a button click or two.

Apple really screwed up with respect to file sharing over networks on the iPad. If you want to only share specific folders, or allow certain users to access them, add folders to the Shared Folders list, and then select a folder and add users in the Users list. If not, any user with an account can access your files. Drag a file onto the icon of the computer you want to send a file to. If you have one or more small files you need to send to another Mac, you can send them as attachments to an email message. Just create a new message and address it to yourself, and then add the files.

When you get to your other Mac, open your email client and download the message and its files. If you use Dropbox to store some of your files in the cloud, it seems obvious that you can easily transfer files from one Mac to another by placing them in your Dropbox folder.

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Dropbox has a feature called LAN Sync that allows Dropbox to sync them across your network to other devices. It still uploads them, but if you have a bunch of files to transfer from different folders, just drop them all in a Dropbox folder, and let them sync to the other devices.

This works best for small files, as well as files you may want to access on iOS devices. If you use Google Drive, Box, or another cloud repository for your files, you can obviously place files there from one Mac and access them on another.