The subwoofer definitely packs a punch, nothing wall-shaking, but definitely perfect for a bedroom. Yes, finally. These are going to do me just fine. That said, this is a great alternative to desktop speakers: Well worth the money as a speaker replacement. These speakers are terrific! They sound good and are the perfect size for sitting on a small shelf. Very happy! Since all of our Bluetooth speakers are wireless, becoming accustomed to all of the wires is a trade-off for the sound quality.

My teenagers immediately noticed a difference in the sound from their small Bluetooth speakers. Shrill or muddy? I work in film and supervise the sound mixes for my movies, so I have a pretty fussy set of ears. To my relief, these speakers are compact and yet give a nice focused, resonant sound. The sub tucks away behind my iMac, but still distributes the base, and the outriggers give a nice full sound with good top end.

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If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission. Account Profile. Sign Out. Courtesy of the Retailer. Best overall computer speakers. Best high-end computer speakers. Best bargain computer speakers. Logitech S 2. Best bargain computer speaker system with subwoofer. However, putting them on the floor or a similar surface can draw a better response.

But, low frequencies remain almost the same across all music genres, which can be pretty disappointing. The speaker unit makes a stunning accent piece for your desk. The sleek glass stands of the speakers give the unit a modern look and the LED lights that pulse to the beat add a bit of extra flair. The subwoofer does not have a glass enclosure but the matching lighted accent makes it look equally eye-pleasing. A single cord connects the two speakers and it goes into the output jack housed on the back of the subwoofer.

The sub also has a power cord and a 3. There is also an option for connecting via Bluetooth if you want to stay clear of the wires. The LED accents give the system a party flavor although the beating of the lights is more like flickering instead of pulsing. Nevertheless, the lights look nice in the dark. With a compact design, this highly portable AX speaker from Alpatronix is the ultimate solution for your music need on the go. It packs more volume than you need and looks good in any modern setting.

The AX is not an alternative to a home sound system or a high-definition speaker. But, considering the small size, it can get loud and produce great sound. It can rock a small to medium party and a poolside gathering. The speaker has two passive subwoofers installed on the right and left sides. The Bluetooth covers 30 feet of area to provide stutter-free music but you will get slightly better sound when plugging the 3. The speaker is a great choice to enjoy your favorite music, listen to podcasts, video games, and movies.

The AX is a cute, little speaker that looks nice anywhere with its black body and silver grilles. You can carry it anywhere since it weighs only 3 lbs and comes with a travel pouch. You can pair the speaker up with plenty of devices that have the Bluetooth feature including phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and smart TVs. There is also a 3. The front side of the speaker has a big knob for adjusting the volume and a few other controls such as play, pause, and switching between tracks. The extraordinary mAh battery keeps the speaker alive for 8 hours at full volume.

You will also get an incredible hours of standby time on Bluetooth. Alpatronix backs this product with a 2-year warranty and day money back guarantee. Tired of fumbling around with laptop speakers that produce crappy sound and never can get loud enough? It can be pretty loud and be a perfect companion to tune in with or jam out. You will find many Bluetooth speakers at this price range that yield a decent audio output along with quite a loud sound. But, only a few of them can deliver delightful low frequencies. Although the low range is not boomy enough to please serious bass lovers, the hint of a decent bass is a pleasant surprise.

You can actually feel the bass and the low-frequency tones are pretty clear, not muddled like many other models of the same range. Apart from the bass, the Z3 delivers quite loud and clear sounds, which is enough to fill up a small outdoor area. Cranking up the volumes does not distort the output that much and that is a great feature for a budget speaker. Sleek and stylish, the design of Z3 is pretty unique.

It looks like a radio or an old-fashioned boombox but with smaller dimensions. There are two 5-watt speakers on both sides of the unit with a control panel in the middle. The structure is sturdy because of the top-notch ABS cover reflex. The speaker can withstand few bumps and survive even if gets knocked over. The pairing up with other Bluetooth devices are seamless. The touch control buttons at the center of the speaker do not only add to the aesthetic but also make volume adjustment a breeze.

The mAh rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of playtime, which is great for using it during travels and outdoor parties. Enjoy the feature of hands-free calling with the built-in microphone. You can also use it for listening to FM radio. But, you will thank yourself later for choosing this one over some other inexpensive models. It gets quite loud for such a small package and you can pair it up with plenty of devices.

When it comes to entertainment, this speaker is right on the money. The sound of this tiny speaker is so rich that you can not only use it with your computer but also with the TV in the bedroom. The dual 5-watt speakers produce a sound that is loud and balanced enough to fill a medium-size room. You can crank up the volume without experiencing massive distortions. This mini speaker unit helps you enjoy crisp dialogues and clear background scores when watching movies and playing games, not the blurry, subdued output that other budget speakers deliver.

The USB-powered soundbar plays through a 3. You have to plug it into an audio or video player. It is a 21 inches long bar that you can carry wherever you go. There is no built-in rechargeable battery, and it draws power via USB port from other sources.

Unlike some other models, the power and AUX cords are long. These are more than three and a half feet long, eliminating the need of placing the soundbar too close to the laptop or phone. The front headset port is a lifesaver when you want to watch your favorite TV series or listen to music without disturbing the rest of the household. The volume control knob helps to tweak the tones according to your choice. You can get rich sound by adjusting it.

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The soundbar is compatible with a wide range of devices and you can even hook it up to game consoles, CD players, TVs, and radios. The aptX low-latency is great for those people who watch movies and shows a lot but are tired of the lip sync delay. The soundbar features two 5-watt speakers over dual channels. They produce a full-range sound but it does not match the quality of high-def stereo units.

It performs well in a small place but the sound signature is not enough to fill up a large space like a living room. The built-in Digital Signal Processing makes it easy to tweak and enhance the sound. Choosing the right Equalizer setting can dramatically improve the sound quality, even at higher volumes. However, the bass distortion in the Rock setting at a high volume is disappointing. The low-latency is the star feature of the aptX. It eliminates audio lag in almost all the players. No more dealing with the annoying lip sync delay! The sleek design of the aptX lets it conveniently sit in a tight space.

You can keep it practically anywhere because the rubberized texture and the bottom feet keep it fixed to its position. It connects seamlessly to Bluetooth enabled devices with the wireless 4. There is also an AUX audio cable to connect to non-Bluetooth devices. The built-in rechargeable battery 2,mAh keeps the speaker alive for 7 hours at half of the volume.

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It takes only 3 hours to recharge fully. The aptX doubles the function as an FM radio too. With an automatic tuner, it saves several of your favorite stations. You can even delete any particular station if you want. Avantree offers a 2-year warranty and ongoing support for this product. They offer an amicable and responsive customer support with a toll-free phone line. They also promise to respond to e-mail within one working day.

The only complaint is the instruction that comes with the product does not contain much information. The 2. They use an advanced technology to create a room-filling sound. The sleek, modern unit look good on any surface. You will experience enhanced bass and dynamic trebles and mids. They can get really loud to fill up a medium room when you turn the volume levels on the computer and the speakers all the way up.

But, these do a great job considering the price range.

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A clean sound with accentuated trebles and a nice kick of bass will keep you entertained. The pair features a sleek structure and a beautiful brushed metal finish. The blue LED accents on the base look nice in dark, and the lights also indicated that they are powered up. There are padded feet to protect both the speakers and the surface they are placed. The USB-powered speakers connect to the playing devices via a 3.

It is a plug-and-play design, so there is no need to install any drivers in your PC. The speakers are also wired together and the distance between them is nearly 3 feet.

The best portable Bluetooth speakers, bar none

One problem is the cable splits into a headphone jack and a USB cable. They have little distance between them, forcing you to keep the speakers close to the laptop. The speakers support all the devices that have a 3. Satechi offers a one-year manufacturer warranty for these speakers.

You can ask for a replacement if faced with an issue during this period. Keep your expectations within the limit, and the A slim soundbar will deliver a mind-blowing performance. With built-in 4 drivers, the soundbar produces clear sound, mimicking a full-range speaker. The soundbar can get really loud without showing any distortion.

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The audio output retains warmth at higher volumes, which is great for playing loud music or other contents. You will get good sound at close ranges up to 10 feet when using the Bluetooth option. The cable option seems to produce a better-quality audio. The soundbar features such a unique sleek design that it will look like an extended component of your PC or laptop. The compact body and a nice black color look modern and beautiful. It has an option for mounting on the wall or placing on the table stand, which is convenient and frees up the desk space.

Connect the speaker to your phone or PC with either Bluetooth 4. You can also connect it to a small TV given that the TV has a 3. The soundbar has a big volume knob with LED light indicator to tweak the volume at your desired level. There is a headphone port on the front side for enjoying some private music time. The built-in microphone port allows for hands-free calling. Not much, right? Well, the Logitech Z will give you a pleasant surprise. It will enhance the sonic power of your laptop speaker without costing a fortune.

The unit consists of two speakers that pump out loud sound with watt of peak power. The Z produces a decent audio output but the result varies based on which device you are playing. The iPod does not get so loud despite turning the volume to the max but iPad yields a more favorable result. The bass frequencies perform better in this device than the highs. On the other hand, plugging them into the laptop produces a decent sound, not brilliant, though. The trebles are not satisfactory but the mids and bass are pleasing to the ear.

Playing mobile games and watching movies on PCs offer a more immersive experience. The only issue is with the volume range. It is not the speaker that will give you a room-filling sound. Unlike other speakers in this list, the Z are not small in size. They are 10 inches tall and not good for lugging around because they need their own power source and connect to the player via an AUX cable. There is no option for wireless connection. But, the 2-meter long cable is enough to place them somewhere distant from the device you are playing. One speaker houses the knob for controlling the volume and the tones.

There is a headphone jack for private listening. The tone control wheel allows you to adjust the bass to the up or down levels. Another unique benefit of Z is that you can plug in and play two devices simultaneously through the AUX input and the 3. You can also seamlessly switch between these devices. If you are looking for a cheap but cheerful solution for boosting the audio output of your laptop or phone, go for the EIVOTOR mini soundbar.

It can crank out at 10 watts of peak power and comes with a digital signal processing DSP system that creates a surround sound experience with a kick of bass. You can use the soundbar with all types of players that have either a Bluetooth option or a port for plugging in an audio cable. Enjoy your music and other media content by connecting the speaker to a laptop, PC, smartphone, TV, radio, game box, and other devices. The sleek and stylish sound bar is extremely portable with only g weight. You can take it to anywhere you want — small parties, yoga class, backyard BBQs.

It connects to media players through Bluetooth wireless connection and a 3. Once you pair it up with a device, it remembers that player and automatically connects the next time. You can also connect it to a TV through the 3. At one side of the speaker, there is a degree rotate knob for controlling the volume levels. There are also three mini buttons for playing the audio tracks forward, backward, stop, and pause. The soundbar is compatible with a wide variety of devices and media players because it can establish both wire and wireless connections. Confused on which mini speakers to buy for your laptop and other mobile devices?

There cannot be a better option when you are after a budget buy. The small speakers produce a surprisingly loud sound that can fill up a medium size room. Their range is limited that consists of a mid-tonal sound with a low amount of bass.

Best Bluetooth speakers 12222: the best portable speakers for any budget

The trebles will not disappoint though with their crisp and bright tones. Setting the right EQ will draw a bit more fidelity from the pair. The cubic-shaped speakers are small, compact, and looks attractive.