Before Installing Exodus, get a VPN

Step 1. Underneath it click the File manager tab. Step 2.

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File Manager opens and is spilt across two panes. On the left pane select Add source. Step 3. Step 4. In the box labeled Enter a name for this media Source. Type in fusion. Press the blue OK button to a save your new source. Step 5. Make certain on the left pane of your File Manager window under A Root, - fusion is listed as a source. Then return back to the main menu. I have total installer zip and the superrepo zip file and many other zip files for many other repositories, so I can install it straight without writing anything to the add source section in file manager, but I am not able to find a zip for fusion and Xunitytalk, can anyone help me find the way to put fusion and xunity to zip folder, just to make it easy-er to install.

It would be so much easy to install without having to go into file manager and add source manually. There's no zip for Fusion: You could just download all the zip files on the server, though. I'd personally advise against this, it changes quite a few settings in a way that isn't necessary, but it is a solution that works for some. Hi I'm getting this message when trying to add a source, could not retrieve directory information.

Hey, I just tested it and it's working, but the server has been known to go down from time to time. The URL given in the video is wrong, it's changed to http: So I went to go add fusion, it worked a few days ago and then it didn't. I did research and saw on this article that the link changed. I deleted the old on and added the new one but I still get an error saying, "Could not retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?

Why is it doing this and how can I fix it? So I just tried installing this a few hours ago. It worked, but then a half hour later it stopped working. I think the people who run Fusion are having some server problems, so just be patient. I followed each step as the video but the file movies - TV doesn't show up on that list. What am I missing? COM is changed to http: The trouble is the extensions you want to install are all third-party, and not officially recognized by XBMC — an organization that wishes to distance itself from the piracy these tools allow.

XBMC being an open platform, however, means you can install add-ons not officially supported — but you need to install it yourself. This usually means downloading a "ZIP" file from the website offering the extension, then heading to "Add-ons" in the "Settings" screen. Fusion installer, outlined above, makes it easier for you by offering a lot of the extensions in one place without the need to download the ZIPs yourself.

I hope this was helpful; I can't really talk you through each individual process step by step. I have found my problem. It was firewall, that was making problem. It was not letting me to connect to source! Running with Gotham, I have same problem, its saying "add-on does not have the correct structure". When scraping this movie to the library, XBMC will know that this is supposed to be one movie and will index the both files only as one movie in your library. It will look like this:. This setup depends on how your movies are setup. Most of the management-programs listed in the first section will be using separate folders for your movies.

Once you have scanned in your movies, you can use the library-section of XBMC.

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You will be presented with a screen similar to this except, of course, that you will see all of your movies instead: You can now customize this screen the way you like it. You can choose different layouts and different layers of information. Where you see only the poster, the fan art and the movie name in the first screenshot, check out this one, where you can also see the information about the Genre, Length, Rating, Story, etc You can change the layout of the view by hovering on the little arrow on the left side — another menu will open where you can choose which layout you want:.

Which layouts you can choose depends on the skin you use. Different skins can have different layouts — so be sure to try them out and look which layout suits your needs. Click here to read it now. Come back when Sickbeard is fully configured. Also — It will help you to actually sort your Collection and to make it more accessible. If you do not want to use Sickbeard, you should pick a media manager which is also capable of renaming your TV-shows to proper names.

Another solution is SortTV which is multi-platform and programmed by cliffe. You can find the thread here. This will make sure that you do not have problems with the scanning. Check the option in the sickbeard-config if you want the Files to be created. This will make sure that you do not get the wrong information. You can now use the TV-Show library as well.

As with movies, the TV Show library has different views from which you can choose.

Navigation menu

Above you see only the poster, title and the fan art. But you can choose to display even more information — one special addition can be applied to the TV Show library: Episodic views. If the TV Show you have collected has multiple seasons, you can also choose a special view for the single seasons. The resulting structure in XBMC is as following: Another possible application is when you simply want a Movie-Set to be displayed as one entry in the Movie-Section.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi Krypton 17.6 or Jarvis January 12222 Updated

The movies included:. This will cause XBMC to display all those movies as one title in the library, opening it will list every movie of the set. For every other scraper you will need to use NFO-Files in order to sort the movies into sets. For the example above, the line that should be added to the nfo-files of the movies which belong to the set:.

Re-scrape the movies and they should display as one movie set in your library. See the example below — first the view upon the collection as a single title, then this collection opened up:. XBMC Wiki: Create a new text-file with the following content inside this directory:. Your XBMC will now clean your video-library every time it updates it. You should be aware that cleaning your library may result in unexpected behavior. If your media-sources for example are located on an External Drive and you launch the cleaning while the drive is disconnected, your whole library will be erased!

I will explain later how you can start the scan by yourself. You can modify the behavior and appearance of your skin by applying extended settings. Each skin has specific settings; you have to choose what you like. Play a little bit with the settings if you are not sure and see what you like. Every skin has also own views for the different media-sections TV Shows, Movies, Music between which you can choose in order to customize everything for your needs we spoke about them before in the library sections.

Choose the skin you want to try and it will download. After the download completes you will be asked to switch to the skin — choose what you like. XBMC has advanced features available.

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Several external applications can make use of these features in order to communicate with the XBMC. They also have the possibility to actually control the XBMC. These advanced features require you to enable the http-access of the XBMC because it is not enabled by default. You also have the possibility to share your libraries via UPnP.

How to Update Exodus on Kodi 17.6

Be advised though: XBMC will share nothing which is not indexed in your library. After enabling web access you can secure your XBMC with a username and a password. Just enter the values in the boxes below the option. By default XBMC restricts access from the network to your machine. You can find this sub-section on the home-screen. You have the option to install extended repositories which will enhance the available Add-Ons for your experience.

From the dialog-window pick the downloaded zip-file. After the installation you can choose Add-Ons from this repository. The Add-On also makes use of some advanced features for emulator-applications. You can add specific Command-Line options in order to browse and launch your games which are running through an emulator. This again gives you the opportunity to index your Nintendo 64 games for instance which are present as ROM-Files on your system and launch them with the proper emulator.

The Add-On also features scraping mechanisms. Once the repository is added, Advanced Launcher will update itself if you install it. This way you stay on top of current developments. Choose this option and in the dialog that appears navigate to the file you downloaded from this location:.

After the installation completes head to the next section.

You have some options available for Advanced Launcher which will help you with your setup. After you clicked this option you will be presented with the options-screen of the Advanced Launcher. Configure it to your likes I heavily borrowed from the tutorial at http: If not defined Advanced Launcher will ask for the folder-path whenever you create a new launcher. Action on Playing Media Define an action that will be executed if you are currently playing media when you launch an application. The available options are: Recursive Scan Activate or deactivate the capability or Advanced Launcher to recursively scan items in subfolders.

Scraper Source Define the scraper-source. The data-scraper will look here in order to receive information about your stored media-files.

Download latest Kodi app for All platforms Kodi 18.0 Leia 17.6, Krypton, Downloads

Results may differ depending on the kind of games you scrape. Import during scan Select which method will be used to import the data when you run a scan for new items: None nothing will be imported , Semi-automatic you will be asked to select from a list of results and Automatic will automatically select the first matching result. Clean Items Titles Activate or deactivate the clean title option. Any text after brackets will be ignored. If this is not activated the first found thumbnail will be used.

Images Size Select the resolution size of the images which will be downloaded while scraping. Overwrite Existing Files If this option is selected, existing thumbnail images will be overwritten by new scraped ones. Import during scan Select which method will be used to import the fanarts when you run a scan for new items: Overwrite Existing Files If this option is selected, existing fanart images will be overwritten by new scraped ones.

This menu contains configuration options for debugging Advanced Launcher. BAT scripts by advanced launcher on windows operating system. In order to add a source to this specific type you have to do the following: Now technically it does not matter what you add as a source. I recommend using separate standard-folders. Advanced Launcher can download those images automatically while scraping for new games but more on that later.

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The Thumbnails represent the Box-Arts of the several games like the poster in the movie-section and the Fanarts are exactly the same as in the video-library. Several Skins have own views defined for Advanced Launcher, you can use them in order to make use of the advanced features like Fanarts.