Try some fast externals and see if it still happens. David Charlap Sep 3, Force quit does not work, nor can I switch to any other apps. The screen is truly frozen.

Symptom #1: Yelling and screaming. Complaining about #FCP X on Twitter.

I have never before heard advice that says one can never use FCPX on the same drive, even a large and fast SSD, as the boot drive, because you must use a fast external drive instead. I do not see why having media on a fast internal SSD along with macOS system files could be a problem. Can you please explain that in detail? David Charlap said: WarrenLE Sep 4, I don't know what Warren might be referring to, but I know that this was considered a best common practice in the 80's and 90's.

David Charlap Sep 4, Ric Ford said: I agree that a drive going to sleep in the middle of a session would be bad.

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JDW Sep 4, Thank you for your input. But we do not know that to be true. It is mere speculation at this point. Again, I would like to refer everyone to my opening post, in which I provide links to three different discussions, all from people who share my same experience.

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This merely shows that I am not a totally unique and isolated case. One of those users was also running El Capitan, which shows that it is not something specific to Sierra or High Sierra either. Running FCPX I've never seen even a single freeze. The freezes only occur on my MacBook Pro 15". It's hard to imagine a hardware problem. It was give a clean bill of health. Also, as I mentioned previously, I get no crashes or freezes in any other app, not even in Apple's Compressor, which uses both GPU and CPU in a major way for many hours at a time when I compress long videos.

I filed a bug report in the Apple Developer Bug Reporter. Apple engineers only replied twice in that discussion, once to ask me to send them SysDiagnose files which I did abundantly and a second time to thank me for sending them the files. I continued to offer test reports and other information. I asked for their input. But thus far I've received no further replies. Apple engineers are not tech support. I know from having filed bug reports in the past that usually I will get no further reply after a certain point, and what Apple does on its end is uncertain. So, for now, I continue to edit video on my MacBook Pro 15" and try not to play back video.

Even then, I have to shutdown and reboot about 6 times per hour during my editing sessions. It's absolutely horrible. JDW Sep 5, David Charlap Sep 5, David Blanchard Sep 5, TKS Ose Sep 5, David Blanchard said: I, too, took a look at the DaVinci Resolve web site -- but was unable to find specific information on Mac OS and hardware compatibility.

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I know it must be there TKS Ose said: You have to dig into the Support section: Minimum system requirements for macOS: JDW Sep 6, If you're getting crashes with your bit raw 4K footage, but not when transcoded to ProRES , then that may be a critically important piece of data for the Apple engineers working on the bug.

If you have not already done so, you should share this information with them. Lyman T Sep 7, This looks to be above my "pay grade" as I probably have insufficient hardware to run this. DougW Sep 8, The way to test this to copy all the media off the drive to a fast array or another fast SSD. Also, your recent test Could be. JDW Sep 8, For the "corrupt media" theory to be sound, one would expect to see my "corrupt media" result in freezes regardless of the Mac on which it is used, but such is not the case.

My iMac, however, doesn't care whether I transcode or not. Lyman T Sep 8, JDW Sep 9, I pretty much knew before I even tried the "use md5 in the Terminal" advice that my media is fine. If media is corrupt, I would expect errors when I transcode it, but such is not the case.

How to recognize and fix 11 common problems in Final Cut Pro X

Nevertheless, I ran the md5 hash in the terminal on one original straight-out-of-GH5-camera clip that was stored on my MacBook Pro at home, and then I ran the md5 hash on a copy of the same media on my 5K iMac at the office, and the resulting number is exactly the same. So I think this definitively proves we are not dealing with corrupt media here. If FCPX simply cannot handle that media for some reason, it should produce a dialog box saying so, rather than just freeze. Once again, I have filed a bug report in the Developer Bug Reporter, but Apple stopped replying back to me quite some time ago, and in my experience, they probably won't offer me the courtesy of another reply.

I also know that if I took my MacBook Pro to an Apple store, even if I told them of my bug report and this thread, they'd probably just try a hardware swap rather than investigate it possibly being a bug.

Final Cut Freezing / crushing (Hardrive problem?)

And my guess is that even with a hardware swap, the problem would remain. I am happy to provide the aforementioned bit HLG clip to that person so they could give it a test on their machine. And if their machine freeze,s too, that pretty much settles the matter -- it be clear evidence of a FCPX bug. Paul Ukena Sep 9, Why are you trying to do other things during playback? Stop playback first. What is your media?

Frame size and rate? Are you optimizing or using proxy media? How long and complex is this timeline? How big is the Library? Laptops are not the most powerful computers in the world. Last Edit: Well, ok, it freezes the computer even if I'm not touching anything.

Symptom #2: A function stopped working, or is performing strangely, or FCP X crashes.

Was just now. I need to check, but seems like system is overloaded with some very heavy process, but I disabled background render, even while play stopped. Need to check memory usage And I suspect it might be Neat video denoiser Answering your questions: Codec from cameras - sony XAVC. No proxy or optimized media. Timeline is 25 minutes.

No nothing but some music, multicam 2 cameras clip and couple of titles. No transitions. Library size is Gb. Any guesses? XAVC multicam could cause some bottlenecks, but shouldn't cause crash.

FCPX freezing 2015 MacBook Pro

I think you may be right about Neat Denoise. It's a super system intensive effect. Try turning it off and see if you still have problems. If you still do then start simplifying one element at a time to troubleshoot. Do you have any way of testing the same project on a desktop computer to see if it's just the power of your laptop?

I assume you're using an external hard drive? Is it fast enough?

How to force quit a Frozen, Hanged, or Crashed application on imac - iMovie Camtasia

Do you have plenty of empty space on it as well as your internal drive? Best of luck! FCPX freezes macbook restart required 11 Oct Any ideas? Should I work with proxies directly? Report Post. Final cut Pro X MacBook Pro mid retina 15 inch. That said, the GH5 4k bit 4: But the regular 8-bit codecs work OK. If the computer becomes non-responsive this often indicates a system problem not an app problem.

IOW hardware, disk drive, out of free space on the boot drive, etc. How much free space is on your system drive? Can you run BlackMagic performance test on your external hard drive and get the results?