Sync a document from a Mac

I've got three apps on my iPad that use File Sharing; with Pages selected, you can see two documents that I've added to the iPad.

System Requirements

Add and delete documents From here, you can add documents to your iPad in two ways. Click the Add button, navigate to a document in the Open dialog box that appears, select the document, and then click Open. When you click Sync, the file will copy to your iPad. Alternatively, drag a file onto the File Sharing list when the appropriate app is selected in the Apps list.

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To delete documents, selecting them in the file list and press Delete. To do this, for example in Pages, open Pages on your iPad and tap the folder icon in the toolbar. Tap a document to import it. Remove any special characters from your file names before you try to transfer the files.

If you're using Keynote, see this Apple support document for tips to avoid iPad import problems with Keynote. Here's a list of all the documents on my iPad that Pages can see. Tap on a document's name to import it. Open the document and then tap the send icon. Tap Export, and then choose a file format.

Keeping Pages Synced Between iPad & Mac

Tap Replace to do this. The app exports the file, and you can now copy it from iTunes back to your Mac. Scroll down to the File Sharing section and select the appropriate app. Select the file in the list and click Save To.

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You can also click on a file in the documents list and drag it to a Finder window to copy it. Evenflow recently released an iPad version of their free Dropbox , and if you use this file-sharing tool on your desktop, you may find it the ideal way to get files onto your iPad.

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  6. To use Dropbox, download the software and set up an account. With Dropbox , for example, you have a folder on your computer, and an app on iOS devices, and you can access any files you put there, and you can organize them as you want. Here's a guide to using iCloud Drive: Open System Preferences and click iCloud. Check iCloud Drive to turn it on, and make sure to do this on all the devices—Macs and iOS—that you want to access files on iCloud Drive. Once you've done this, you should see an iCloud Drive icon in the Finder sidebar. I discuss that below. You share this storage with your iCloud email account if you use it , any iCloud backups you make from your iOS devices, and the iCloud Photo Library, if you use this feature.

    You may need more storage, especially if you have a lot of photos, or if you want to store lots of files on iCloud Drive. You can buy more storage by clicking the Manage button in the iCloud pane of System Preferences see the screenshot above , and then clicking Buy More Storage. While you can see all the files you've stored in iCloud Drive on your Mac, by clicking iCloud Drive in the Finder sidebar, iOS doesn't handle these files the same way. There's no iCloud Drive app, but rather a document picker that displays in apps that can access iCloud Drive.

    I can tap one of those files to open it.

    How to Save Pages, Numbers, Keynote in iCloud Drive iWork

    But, if there are other files that Numbers can read, stored on my iCloud Drive, I can also access them. You can navigate to different folders and open files they contain, if the app you're in can read them. Let's say you're working on a Pages document on your iPad and your Mac, and you want to add some text to that document.

    Sync a document from an iOS device

    You can put files in the Pages folder of your iCloud Drive on your Mac, and access them from within Pages on the iPad. If you want to add photos to a document, however, you'll need to put them in the Photos app. You can also access files from iCloud Drive via a web browser. This is a great way to share files from your Mac or iOS device to other computers. Log into icloud. Open any of those folders, and you can export the files.

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    You can also upload files to iCloud Drive in this manner.