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This should be something that is rare not so often that it is causing an issue. Jan 8, 9: Jan 8, How can I for ever stop Mac reopen apps when reboot.

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Automatically re-open windows, apps, and documents on your Mac

Ask a question. User profile for user: Seachaos Seachaos. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Some time when my Mac OS X crash or update reboot. The applications will be auto reopen. I don't want this feature!! I just want a clear environment when I boot computer.

Windows Tip: Reopen Windows When Logging Back In

How can I do stop reopen forever? Reopen windows when logging back in , It's not work. I really want a clear environment no any APP reopen when I restart.

How to have Windows re-open active windows and programs on reboot

Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: The following article should help you here: View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu.

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  • How to have Windows re-open active windows and programs on reboot | PCWorld.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Jackie asked why her PC isn't able to re-open all her active windows and programs after a reboot like it does on the Mac. As a PC and Mac user I've also experienced this phenomenon, and it's odd why Microsoft doesn't provide this as an option.

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When you restart a Mac it asks you if you want all your open windows and programs to launch after reboot, making it quite easy to resume working after an update is installed. This normally isn't that big of a deal on the Windows platform, but with Windows 10 a lot of users are experiencing unplanned reboots due to how Microsoft's mandatory updates. Though there's not a way outside of installing third-party software to automatically resume a session after a reboot, I can show you and Jackie a few tricks to make your favorite programs open after a reboot along with any open Explorer Windows.

Send your query to answer pcworld. First, there's an option within Windows that will automatically open any Explorer windows you had open previously. In the View tab make sure the box labeled Restore previous folder windows at logon is checked. Let's look at these based on their starting points. Click the gray diamond-shaped icon, and click "Restart in Mac OS" from the pop-up menu. Then, confirm your choice to reboot to Mac OS X and give the computer about a minute to make the switch.

Disable “Reopen Windows When Logging Back In” in Mac OS X Completely

If the Mac was powered off , you can choose which partition to boot before the Mac selects for you. To do this, press the Option key on the Mac while it's on the blank white boot screen. Within a couple of seconds, the Mac should present the two partitions to you on the screen.

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